JGAURORA A3S DIY 3D Printer Kit Support Resume Print & Filament Run-Out Alarm
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JGAURORA A3S DIY 3D Printer Kit Support Resume Print & Filament Run-Out Alarm



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– Light industry main body design, terseness and not the lackof novelty.
– Removable Magnetic Heated Platform: Allows easy removal of the platform and the printed parts and a cleaner appearance.
– Unique gapless feeding system, load filament smoothly, print excellent models.
– Intellective large touchscreen control: Provides better 3D printing user experience. Semiautomatic leveling control.
– Power failure protection and filamentRUN-OUT detection.
– Better customer experience, high print accuracy and high speed with quiet working, suit for school and home.
1. A modern connected smart device.The pursuit of DIY and Easy of use. Let's create more works.
2. Power failure protection: Resume print from where the last print is stopped due to power failure.
3. 205*205*205mm printing size, quite printing, and lower energy consumption makes it suitable for home, school, and workplace.
4. 2.8-inch colorful touchscreen control: Provides better 3D printing user experience.
5. Semi-intelligent auto leveling: auto leveling reaction module built-in the machine make leveling simple and accurate.
6. Filament run-out detection automatic pause. Printing can be automatic paused this can avoid the extruder continue working when no feeding.
Model A-3S
Printing parameters
Structure Metal
Extruder Qty Single
Build size 205*205*205mm
Precision 0.1-0.3mm
Offline printing USB offline printing
LCD Screen 2.8 inch, Full-color touch screen
Printing speed 10~150mm/s
Nozzle diameter 0.4mm
Nozzle temperature Room temp-250 centigrade
Hot bed materia Safety Glass
Consumable filament PLA /ABS/Wood.ect
Filament diameter 1.75mm
Recommended filament PLA/TPU
Uploading file format STL, OBJ, G-Code
Supporting function Optional
Voltage AC 110~230V
Compatible  Windows7/XP/Vista/linux/Mac
Control software Cura/JGcreat(64-bit)
Working condition Temp: 5-40???, Humidity:20-50%
Physical Dimensions & Weight
Device dimension 431*370*423mm
Device weight 9kg
Packing dimension 505*430*245mm
Packing weight 11.5kg

*The plug is default EU version.  We will send the adapter according to your country from the CN warehouse.
*The product will be shipped according to the picture color.

Package Included:

1 x JGAURORA A3S 3D Printer
1 x PLA 0.25kg Filament
1 x JGAURORA Warranty Card
1 x USB Flash Disk

1 x 1.5mm Inner Hexagon Spanner
1 x 2.0mm Inner Hexagon Spanner

1 x 2.5mm Inner Hexagon Spanner
1 x 3.0mm Inner Hexagon Spanner
1 x M3*5 Cylinder Head Six Angle Bolts
1 x M4*6 
Cylinder Head Six Angle Bolts
1 x Sealed Bag
1 x Cutting Nippers 
1 x USB Cable
1 x Tool Box

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