XIBERIA S21 Gaming Headphone With Mic For Game Use
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XIBERIA S21 Gaming Headphone With Mic For Game Use



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Product Features:    
– Bloodhoof type Rock and metal heavy bass headphones:The headset ejected red backlit like it pour out of the fire.
– Cephalic expansion design:The head and ears without oppressive feeling,around cephalic expansion will automatically adjust according to user's head type two wing distance, to conform to the user's actual demand.
– Comfortable head pad:Ear enclosure filled with inert slow rebound sponge, permeability is very good also, the overall sound insulation effect is good, the overall wear feeling quite comfortable.
– Immersive sense of reality:XIBERIA S21 using 50 mm voice drive unit, can accurate and clear the game sound identification have layers, the game sound detail, giving the whole range by surrounding the 3d rendering.
– Strengthen the communication between the teammates in the game:XIBERIA S21 using can rotate 360 degrees to the microphone, radio effect and noise reduction ability all have good performance, high-definition sound, make sure it is communication.
Product Specification: 
Model: XIBERIA S21
Driver diameter: ø50mm
Sensitivity: 105±3dB
Impedance: 32Ω±15%
Frequency range: 20~20000 Hz
Power: 50mW
MIC dimension: ø4.0×1.5mm
MIC sensitivity: -38±3dB
Mic impedance: 2.2KΩ
LED working voltage: 1.8~3.4v
Headset interface: USB
Cable length: 2.2 meters
Headphone size: 200x88x230mm
Headphone weight: 400g
Package size: 23.3×10.8×29.2cm
With Package weight: 900g
Package contents:
  1x XIBERIA S21 Gaming Headsets
  1x User Manual
  1x Sack