Mustool MT6800 Digital LCD Color Display Non Contact Infrared Laser Thermometer Temperature Gun
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Mustool MT6800 Digital LCD Color Display Non Contact Infrared Laser Thermometer Temperature Gun



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MUSTOOL MT6800 -50~800??? Digital LCD Color Display Non-contact Infrared Laser Themometer Temperature Tester Gun
with 12 Indicative Ring Light Measurement Area
+ Temperature Difference Alarm
+ Mildew Alarm
+ Dew Point Temperature
+ K-type Thermocouple

+ UV Light

2016NEWWWWEST!  Multi-function all in one !!~


???Multipurpose temperature gun. This infrared themometer can measure object surface temperature, ambient temperature, ambient humidity, dew point temperature.
It also have the functin of vehicle air conditioning and other high pressure system leakage detection. And it is suitable for all kinds of situation.
???12 points indicative ring. 12 points indicative ring area measurement provide accurate result (USA patented technology).
???0.5 second response. Quickly response measurement allows fast and efficient targeting.
???Big color LCD display. It make you read simply.
???Adjusted Emissivity. It can be set to consistent with measured object which make more accurate.
???UV light for leak detection. The leakage of vehicle air conditioning and other high pressure systems can be detected quickly by ultraviolet.
???Mildew alarm mode. The instrement will judge whether the object measured suffers mildew or not.
???Temperature difference alarm mode. The instrument will judge whether the object measured works normally or abnormally.
???Come with a extra K-type thermocouple. (Only for MT6800) A good help of measureing K type temperature and surface temperature of thermocouple socket.
???MUSTOOL – 2016 Original Brand from , focus on the area of professional instrument & tools. best service, highest grade of quality!


Brand name: MUSTOOL
Model: MT6800
Measuremnet range: -50~800??? (-58~1472???)  
Precision (non-contact temperature measurement): -50~0??? ±3???  0~800??? ±(1.5%reading +2???)
Ambient temperature: -10~60???  (14~140???) ±1.0???/ 2??? (0-45???/ 32-113???)  ±1.5???/ 3??? (-10-0???, 45-60???/ 14-32???, 113-140??? ) 
Ambient humidity: ±4.0% RH (20%-80%) ±5.0% RH (0%-20%; 80%-100%) 
Dew point temperature: -10~50??? (14~122???) ±1.5???/ 3???
K type temperature measurement: -10~537??? (14~999???) ±(1.5% reading +2???/ 4???)
LCD: Color LCD
D:S: 12:1
Emissivity: 0.10~1.00 (Fixed at 0.95)
Response spectrum: 8~14um
Laser: <1mW/630-670nm Level 2
UV Light( BLUE): √
Response time: <0.5S
Automatic shutdown: 15 seconds 
Operational temperature: 0~40???
Storage temperature: -10~60???
Power: 9V 6F22 battery (Not included)


IMPORTANT notices:

1.When the working environment experiences a sudden change, the temperature measurement meter must be place in an enviroment for 30 minutes. The measurement can be resumed only when the temperature inside the meter is consistent with that outside it. 
2.The electromagnetic field from electric welding and inductive heating must be minimized.

Packing included:

1 x MUSTOOL MT6800 Digital Infrared Laser Themometer
1 x K-type thermocouple
1 x Portable Bag
1 x English User Manual
1 x Gift Box

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